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Presently on the market a number of touch panel, summed up to fling。Resistive, capacitive, ultrasonic and optical (infrared)Such as technology development.
This product uses touch technology of the optical (Optical) size of product applications covered by the 15-inch to 100 inch touch screen. Widely used in education, military, museums, galleries, interactive windows and so on.

Touch products to support multi-touch (Multi touch) function, and have a responsive, high precision and long life. The optical touch technology on the life of Gengshi Bi resistive capacitive to come more advantages. Adopt high-quality tempered glass or acrylic touch surface - even glass or acrylic rupture, the functions remain unaffected.
In addition, the optical touch products also provide the Regional Push Button function: users can set in the touch-sensitive area (dark) as the calling program, website functionality or run windows with the hotkey (Hot key). In addition, the touch products can be corrected Environment factors, and automatically adjust for the Environment in the water vapor, dust, mosquitoes, and light in order to maintain the best touch-sensing parameters at any time.

Image-based principles
By the LED light source, projection in the reflection components of the touch area left, right and below the triangular, and then reflected back to a precision optical sensing element. Image capture, sophisticated calculations to get accurate coordinates. Entire process principle in addition to high accuracy, and speed of response fast, completely feel less than the delay phenomenon.The touch technology is all current touch method is the most cutting-edge technology, and has obtained the patent of the world's major economies.